But here’s some old news anyway, for posterity’s sake if nothing else.

The following article about RESET appeared Dec. 16, 2011 in the Cadillac Newspaper, prior to our second Saturday at ENTITY. It included a graphic of the front cover, and directions to the place in a sidebar.

It was an honor to be interviewed and written about by Jeff Broddle. He has a talent for getting the story.  Brian

“Mann did the book’s illustrations, drawing the rich landscapes Cool envisioned in his escapist story of an archetypal journey on a parallel Earth.”

 LeRoy sci-fi author hosts book-signing in Marion


MARION — Art, writing, publishing, the end of the world — any topic will be up for discussion as some of the creators of the fantasy science-fiction novel “Reset by Marian Evans” welcome the public to the ENTITY art gallery in Marion Saturday.

Although the book is titled “Reset by Marian Evans,” it was authored by LeRoy resident Brian Cool, who has been selected as ENTITY’s Artist of the Month for December. This self-published novel is subtitled “a post-apocalyptic dream where prophecy meets legend.”

Meet Cool and one of the book’s contributing artists, Steve Mann, at ENTITY, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Explaining the title, Cool said, Marian Evans is a creation of his own mind, based on an author who lived 150 years ago. Hint: Marian Evans is the real name of the 19th century English novelist George Eliot. The mystery of Marian Evans’ identity is one of the threads of the novel’s plot.

Mann did the book’s illustrations, drawing the rich landscapes Cool envisioned in his escapist story of an archetypal journey on a parallel Earth. Cool also gives Linda Smith credit as part of the “Reset Crew” for creating the painting that became the book’s cover.

The book begins with a woman being drafted into the Army in a civil war set in the modern-day United States.

She is nearly killed, and after going AWOL, finds work in a mining camp. A passing comet causes a nuclear winter, leaving the woman as the sole survivor.

As the story progresses, readers discover a mythical island, a hidden race of human beings and the unfolding of a prophecy.

“This book is, in a way, an introduction to my world,” Cool said.

The novel also is available on Amazon.com in both print and e-editions.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCH


My plan to market RESET by Marian Evans includes; doing a number of interviews for various media sources (which I will post here), a stint in December as artist of the month at Entity in Marion, Book Signings (to be announced), and a hundred other little things, but first . . . I want to give credit where it is due by holding a Prelaunch Party for those who have helped.

Like any good book, it has taken the efforts of many people to make it a reality, as the following excerpt from the print version will show.


Thanks to Mom for religion–to Dad, for the freedom to question it; to both of you for my life, and for your guidance and love.  

To my team of beta-readers, for encouragement, but most of all for your criticisms: Amanda, Blake, Charles, Christina, Elaine, John, Julie, Karen, Larry, Liz, and Mike. Thanks again. I’m sure it wasn’t easy with those early drafts.

Cover Magic: Linda Smith of Traverse City MI for the use of your painting Sunset on the Bay. I was impressed when I first saw it, stunned actually. Your work with metallic compounds can cause ghostly optical effects when viewed in different lights. I was visiting friends up north, and right there on their diningroom wall was Willow’s little boat on the beach, and seagulls in a different sky. Photographer/Designer Elaine Edstrom, owns and loves the painting, so it became rather obvious who should do the cover design. Thank you ladies.

In the small town of Reed City MI, lives a big man, Steve Mann, a relatively unknown artist, whose natural talent I’ve long admired. Steve, I can’t tell you how happy it made me when you agreed to do the illustrations. But, had I gone ‘mainstream’, would I suggest to the publisher that we use your work? Well, it’s just not done that way. Their loss. I hope we can do it again soon.

Thanks to Ms. Belgowan, now Mrs. Maskill, for trying to teach us Pine River kids to write right, and for providing the spark all those years ago (through one of your homework assignments), for Willow Walker.

Thanks to Roger Peel of Luther MI for tech-help.

Thank you Karen and Christina, for your infinite patience and love. Also for all your help on this thing, past present and future.

And thank you reader. Marian says thanks too.

(I have one Matthew Davis to add to that list for help with the e-book version.)

What a team to have on my side! Now to try to get them all under one roof.  

prelaunch party invite