Second Batch of Free Tools

ID-entity Builder

This post dedicated to Susan O. Hall

WRITERS — Here are more PDF’s to print and integrate with your files. I meant to get this posted before now, but township and village business take precedence, Christmas approaches, grandson turns seven, garlic needs planting, and ‘sun chokes’ (Jerusalem artichokes) must be dug, cleaned and stored.

The downloads below provide a system for writers to build fictional characters. Use to breathe life into all characters from minor to major. Again, simple, fast, self-explanatory, effective, and free!      

I offer this small suggestion for using the ID-entity Builder system. The sheets use a numbering system to make it easy to add as many blank sheets of ruled paper as you need, to expand each character as much as is wanted.  Use the record sheets for the bare-bones info. Expand on ideas taken from the sheets, by writing descriptions that can then be woven in with the scenes and settings in your story, to give the story legs with which to walk on its own into your reader’s imagination.

Also, in the top left-hand corner of the page, is a space to give each character sheet a unique identifier (I use the characters initials).  Use to link to your extra sheets, etc. If you already use an outline to guide your stories, the ID-entity builder will fit right in. 

ID-entity Builder Set

MAIN Character Record Sheet

SECONDARY Character Record Sheet

MINOR Character Record Sheet

Coming Next: Places Builder 

Enjoy, Brian


Free Tools for Writers: First Batch of Free Tools


I hope that you find these tools useful.  I’m glad to give them away. Just don’t redistribute them as your own.

Over the years I’ve created a few tools to help me write. These aren’t computer programs, or fancy smartphone apps. They are PDF’s. Print them off and integrate these into your filing cabinet.  I’m fanatical about conserving paper, but there are times when you want, crave, and need, a physical piece of paper in one hand and a pencil in the other.  Thanks to the Egyptians, we can do that. Now write.

The downloads below provide one system for writers to track their submissions.  Use it to follow every piece of work you produce, from its first draft, through the submission process and beyond.  Simple, fast, self-explanatory, effective, and free!             Brian

Manu-Tracker set

Publication Submissions Sheet for One Shot Deals

Individual ms Submissions Sheet

General ms Submission Sheet

Publication Submission Sheet