The author and his wife live and work close to the land, in northern Michigan, on their family’s sprawling centennial farm.

Jack of all trades? Master CitiZen Planner, woodsman, gardener, Market Master for the LeRoy Farmers’ Market, clerk for the LeRoy Planning Commission, amateur builder, and (tongue in cheek) a Master Mortar Stuffer. Mr. Cool is most proud of being a loved grandfather.

And now, add to that list; blogger-type-person, self-publisher, and alas, my own promoter slash agent.

Photo by Blake Austin

My blog ‘becool2112’ is an odd little sideways space where I tell the world about my strange dark stories, the narrative of Aerda, the left to my right, the dark to my light.  Not everyone has their own little world, but it’s where I spend part of my time.  There is this whole milieu in my head of characters and settings and incredible happenstance.  It all takes place over tens of thousands of years in a grand vision, echoing the scale of Tolkien’s Rings, King’s Dark Tower, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, or Rowling’s Potter.  The telling of it will span a dozen volumes and is completely impossible, of course of course.  I’m just going to take it one project at a time, and in no particular order.

The reference to 2112 comes from the necessary decision to settle on a date for Aerda’s Armageddon, doomsday, pick your ending–it’s the day the lights go out.  I arrived at the arbitrary date simply enough, by adding exactly 100 years to our own calendar, at exactly the point where the Aztec calendar ends; December 21, 2012, coming soon. Coincidentally (?) it coincides with another 2112 doomsday story; see Rush, the band, and their epic and brilliant musical adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Novella, Anthem. Did Neil and the boys pull the same add-a-century trick? Dunno.

You can find me online over at http://www.leroyfarmersmarket.com where I manage the website and the market. There are links there to our market’s newsletter, where you will find articles (some written by me) about our market, and about farmers markets issues in general.  You will also find me online at the Osceola County Townships Association website where my work, producing minutes for the Leroy Planning Commission meetings, is posted. All rather matter-of-fact stuff. Writing my fiction is an escape from all that, just as I hope it provides an escape for those reading it. Becool2112 keeps the focus not only on my own fiction, but also on my vast love of stories and their writers. You will also find a feed from becool2112 to my author page on Amazon.com.

Then there’s briancool.net, somewhere in the middle. Briancool.net seeks to be the place where I bring together ALL the various things that I do, the hub to my wheel. Don’t go there yet though, wait till I give the word. At present it’s a blank slate–my empty domain.

Off-line is another story.

Maintaining all this online presence and content takes more time than I care to talk about. I hope to keep this balanced my spending only as much time as necessary at the computer and online. Not easy, what with the Internet being one of the key places to find information on any of the hundred different topics I regularly research. Still, as often as not, you can find me outside, usually in the woods, preferably at Karen’s side.  Karen has a business called Found in The Woods. I am her willing helper.  We deal in the NTFPs, Non-Timber Forest Products.  Niche markets. Seasonally dependent.  Wild crafted.  It’s just about the best job in the world.  And it doesn’t require a website.  So nice.

Finally, there is our homestead, a permaculture dream, and our home, a round house of the Earthwood design, named the Green Pole, (you know, like the south pole?). If we were on Facebook, that would probably be where our home and our private lives would be presented. Thank goodness we’re not on Facebook!



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