But That Was December. One might think that I should have posted this a month ago, but that would mean I had reflected in advance. And while I often do write on the spur of the moment, I prefer to let things steep like tea. If an idea brews for some time, it usually transfers quicker to paper; richer, clearer, with more objectivity and truth.

Still, it’s been a while between posts here, after a flush of several posts each week for awhile. How much time can it take to brew?

Well . . . till it’s done. Annnnd, there’s more’n enough content on the web already.

I really enjoyed the two days in Marion at Susan Hall’s ENTITY with Steve Mann. The place doesn’t get a lot of business though. It’s in a small town, and times are tough, so mostly we just talked to each other, or to Sue when she was in. We sold a few books and prints of the artwork each time we were there. And that covered the gas to get there, but probably not to heat the place.

Steve says, if I get us another gig, he is in. So I will try. It’s not about the money right now anyway. It’s about establishing a coherent body of work.

Original Photo by Susan Hall

I wish I had grand news about RESET’S sweeping success in the meantime. Got my first royalty check. 26 bucks, direct deposit. Truth is, I just haven’t had the necessary time to properly market the book–the unavoidable stuff of life (see list below) demands its due. She is young yet though, so we shall see, we shall see. The biggest thing for me all along has been the things I have learned, and am still learning, about the Art of Expression, and the expression of art.

And so, the writing of such a novel is more important than the selling of it. My goal was that I should like it, that I should be moved by it, without having to try, and I do like it. And I’ll continue to write with that as my objective. I didn’t set out in this business thinking to please an audience. If I ever do happen to do that, by some happy accident, all the better. If I wanted to try to write for a ready-made audience, I’d be advised to go with vampires or werewolves, a seemingly inexhaustible trough, or alien sex maybe (hey, don’t laugh. I have a friend whose cousin’s mother does it. Writes about it, that is. With over 30 books, she must be making some money.).

RESET did get a favorable reader review, which I was able to put on Maybe I will create an audience all my own, over time.

Time . . . So much of it wasted.

My chances are thin I know, Time being what it is, and people so mortal, by all accounts.

That all said, I do plan to create some buzz over the next few months. So, among other things, I will look for some bigger places to meet more readers who just might like to give me a try. I’ve some experience now with such opportunities, thanks to Susan Hall. I hope that ENTITY continues to develop and grow for her, and for the enrichment of the community.

Unavoidable Stuff of Life: A much-abbreviated story of the last couple months Coming down with??? ‘crud’… sick with crud… December meetings for both the planning commission and the farmers market… Managing and vending at pre-holiday market with Christmas in LeRoy event… Selling 14 log trees off front property… Converting hundreds of old e-document files on my computing machine, from one format to another (so much fun)… holidays and half a dozen birthdays (grandkids are now; one, two, six, and seven years old. Chrissy, 26. Jesus, ancient.)… Recovering from crud…… Writing short story Olive Brown’s Christmas Cold… Ordering garden seeds… Shoveling snow… Getting life all in order (so glad that’s done)… Kidding myself once again… Doing taxes… Learning to juggle (and why not?)… Spring-cleaning early (even our weather has been oddly Spring-like)… Prepping for upcoming meetings (LeRoy Farmers’ Market Committee and LeRoy Township Planning Commission)… Canceling and rescheduling upcoming meetings… Slinging firewood… and oh so much more in addition to carrying the honor of Artist of the Month at ENTITY.


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