Free Tools for Writers: First Batch of Free Tools


I hope that you find these tools useful.  I’m glad to give them away. Just don’t redistribute them as your own.

Over the years I’ve created a few tools to help me write. These aren’t computer programs, or fancy smartphone apps. They are PDF’s. Print them off and integrate these into your filing cabinet.  I’m fanatical about conserving paper, but there are times when you want, crave, and need, a physical piece of paper in one hand and a pencil in the other.  Thanks to the Egyptians, we can do that. Now write.

The downloads below provide one system for writers to track their submissions.  Use it to follow every piece of work you produce, from its first draft, through the submission process and beyond.  Simple, fast, self-explanatory, effective, and free!             Brian

Manu-Tracker set

Publication Submissions Sheet for One Shot Deals

Individual ms Submissions Sheet

General ms Submission Sheet

Publication Submission Sheet

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