Two Feet Off The Ground And Rising

Sunday. ‘The day after’.

Some people find it easy to be fawned over, given gifts and cards, congratulations and offers of help if we ever need it–not me. Though, I do sincerely appreciate it. And hope to show it in kind.

When I stop to think that 28 people came to our house on Saturday (counting the handful of kids), some to accept my thanks, some to shower good tidings upon the publication of my first book, all to celebrate in the moment, and to create communion, my heart swells beyond the bounds of my body.

To show my gratitude was the main reason for the party, and what a good feeling that was. Like Neil Armstrong atop 30 tons of rocket fuel? On one hand yes! Excitement at what is to come, when and if people start suggesting to their crew to read this book, and it takes off for the star-filled sky. Humility and gratitude on the other hand, for the confidence people showed when they extended their helping hands. Because, I could NOT have produced this book without the talents and goodwill of many good people. If I have a third hand, it overflows with awe, that such a thing as a book, or a painting, or a song, can spring forth from someone’s mind, can come into being at all. We are truly wonderful critters.

The button is down now.

My initial obligations are fulfilled. The first copies are selling. Offers for book signing dates are firming up. Reviews and articles are in the works. And I begin to get a true sense of why they call it a Book Launch, with both my feet just about ‘this high’ off the ground. 

Blake went over the top with his generosity, again, with an excellent champagne, and big cigars, hand rolled from the best of tobaccos by the best of craftsmen from the Dominican Republic.  It was a rare night of decadent indulgence for Karen and I. That is, after having done the chores and party cleanup. 

Just after dark, we popped a chilly bottle of Brut Reserva Heredad, and toasted the day. We toasted the hope of success.  Toasted each to the other, and to our love. 

We took some cold beers and the box of fine Partagas up around the block to John and Elaine’s cabin, where we found Jack and Chuck, and the six of us kept each other well entertained, with new and old stories, and John’s reliably good taste in music. You should have stuck around Blake.

Before we left for home, lo and behold a visitation of spirits, of raspberry, in a bottle from Leelanau Cellars, 1995. We’d just finished talking about contests in Scotland where the objective is to be the one to smoke a cigar, the slowest. We sipped our glasses with that same attitude, to prolong the pleasure—wasn’t easy.

We’ve made a dent in the party leftovers. Blake splurged on extra food for the lunch. Did I mention that he went over the top?  I did.  Others brought stuff too, and all left it behind, and we shouldn’t have to cook for a couple days. The sandwiches were a hit; egg salad got gone (thank you chickens), the wild duck almost. Compliments; on the potato salad, and homemade cider, both off our homestead—coleslaw, not so much. 


Later . . . Karen is home from watching the grandkids, taking a much-needed break for the evening.  Truth be told, I laid my own body down for a catnap.  Sheesh.  You play, you pay.  I am writing this longhand as usual, to be dictated later via voice-to-text software by Nuance, called NaturallySpeaking.  Meanwhile I am surfing—not quite the right word for it, ever since the lightning hit, and cut our already slow dial-up speed in half—I’m trudging, the Web. Seeing that all is well on the Amazon with my book, bugs are gone, connections are hooking up properly. I have some details to add to my Author Central page. I have to upload a searchable PDF of the book so that those searching for something on the web may get a match from inside Reset (cool idea).

Yes, I just used my own name to ascribe the aspect of coolness to something. Too cool. Glad I didn’t use the pen name after all.

Trudging. I just added a feed for my blog here at WordPress, to my Amazon author page. 

When I get a minute, after installing a new modem, I’ll start building, or .net, I have my choice. Blake bought both domains for me as a celebratory gift for my big step into authorship. OTT! OMG! He has a lot of faith in me. I do not aim to let him down. To all the other Brian Cools out there, sorry dudes.

So, I trudged on over to my CreateSpace ‘dashboard’, (y’all know what that is right?), it tells me that I already have royalties coming to me from sales made last week. What news! That means Reset sold more copies in one day than most self pubs ever sell! Of course, most only sell a couple copies, but this ship has just left the landing pad.

Saturday was a day to remember. Once again, I want to thank everyone who came to the prelaunch party in person or in spirit, and all who helped get me to this altitude.


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