“Go forth little blog post, be brave, make us proud.”

“Testing . . . testing . . . 1 2 3, Brian here calling from the GreenPole . . . anyone out there? If so, an ass is an animal.”

Today was an eventful day. Karen and I finished our work at the Maple Hill field, on Patsy and Fagan’s place, harvesting evergreen boughs. We totaled our weights, and did so-so if we can sell it all to Patterson’s. Then, since we finished early, we figured we might as well press the last of our apples, which makes for our tenth and last pressing of the year–a small task at only thirteen gallons. Still too much. Shared some with neighbors. Apples galore this year. Tomorrow the press goes into storage till next summer.  

Sandra stopped by in the evening to bring us some books, one of which was an old Foxfire Book, bless her soul. While we were visiting, Christina called us with the news that my book, Reset by Marian Evans, is now for sale on amazon.com. Exciting, and quick! I hope people like it, on the whole, though I know there’s probably a little something in it somewhere to engender the criticism, maybe anger even, of some. I trust.

I find it somewhat ironic that as I publish this story, in which a comet passes between planet Aerda and its moon, wreaking unforeseen events, asteroid 2005 YU55 will sail on by earth tomorrow, nearer than our own moon. It’s only a matter of time and, SPLAT! Which takes care of all of our petty seven billion problems rather tidily, but, I just can’t shake this hunch that we could really be something, us humans, rather than a plague on this planet.

We are long overdue for a meteorite on par with those famous dino-killers. Let’s get our heads out of our animals brothers and sisters, and get to work on the reality of that eventuality. Get that in the bag, turn this climate change thing around, then let’s get us a real purpose. Let’s be the best thing that ever happened to this planet. It’s us or the ants. Actually ants aren’t so bad. They might do better than us, if ants wore the pants.

We are celebrating tonight with some cider gone hard, sending thanks to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, looking forward to getting book in front of people now. Goodnight. B.